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Building Better Humans



I’m Lynnly Wood. Former teacher, future therapist, and mom to a beautifully blended family. Being human is hard. We all need some help. 





That word has owned me for nearly 4 decades. 


From the kids calling me names at school, to being on my first diet at 10, to always feeling “less than” because I weighed “more than.” 


I have weighed between 125 - eating practically nothing - to weighing 275 pounds and not even tasting food that I simply shoved into my mouth. Being fat isn’t like other flaws. There is no hiding it. Even perfect strangers feel entitled to comment. This scars a person I places no one sees. When I say it has “owned” me for 40 years, I mean it. Almost EVERY waking moment has been about what diet I was on, what food I put in my mouth, or even how many calories I was burning with which exercise. My worth was solely determined by how much weight I had lost or put on. And that, my friends is no way to live.



There is another way. By adding more and ditching diet culture, I found a way to begin to heal. To truly live. To all of you who have struggled with with . . . I see you. All of you. The beautiful parts. The hurt parts. The parts you’ve hated your whole life. I want you to know, I stand with you. If you’re looking to grow in love and healing in times such as these, I am here. I’d love to walk with you and believe in you. Fat doesn’t own us anymore. 


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